Being a vegetarian can be an everyday struggle, especially if you are new to it. Maintaining a healthy diet and caring for the environment yet satisfying your taste buds is never easy. It can be hard to hang out with your “meat-lover” friends and family when they choose a place that offers no or few plant-based cuisines. You cannot even say no because of courtesy or the time you enjoy with them. We understand you would not want to miss the parties and get together, but you cannot starve yourself, right? Next time you want to meet up with your “meaty” friends or do not want to skip dinner with your not-so-vegan family, try the vegetarian options at Burger King.

Burger King- A Vegetarian’s First Love


You might have meat “withdrawal” symptoms if you are a new vegetarian. Or, Even if you are a born vegan, your taste buds may often want something tastier than salads and tofu.

Burger King added some incredible vegan-friendly options on the menu back in 2020, but that was just a temporary thing. The vegan options at Burger King were not that good, or the food giant did not want to continue- they stopped making vegan foods.

However, following the dramatic events of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, people have become more cautious of what they eat. They want to eat healthily and stay healthy, so going all vegan is one of the options.

As many searched for healthy options at Burger King, the food giant has brought back even better food choices for vegans.

So, let us check out the vegetarian options at Burger King that you will instantly fall in love with.

Vegan options at Burger King

Vegan Breakfast Options at Burger King 

Breakfast is the most crucial food of the day, so we have heard. With a nutrient-filled start in the morning, you can anticipate a good day and mood.

However, if you do not have time to cook your breakfast or do not know how to, get yourself something from the Burger King vegetarian options for breakfast.

You may ask, why?

Well, they are incredibly healthy and vegan. These low-calorie and sodium options keep health problems like cholesterol, obesity, and heart diseases at bay.

1. Hash Browns

One of the most loved yet simple vegetarian options at Burger King is their mouthwatering Hash browns.

With only 250 calories and 0 grams of cholesterol, these nugget-shaped potatoes are fried in oil and are an excellent source of fiber. With only 2 grams of protein and 24 grams of carbs, hash browns might not keep your tummy full and cravings satisfied for long. Therefore, it is best to pair it up with another healthy breakfast option at Burger King.

However, it would help if you controlled your portion while eating hash browns, as they are high in sodium- 580 grams.


2. French Toast Sticks

Another vegan option at breakfast makes it to the list of nutritious and healthy food options.

It is advisable to order three or five French toast sticks with a vegan-friendly breakfast syrup. This toasty breakfast is free of eggs, milk, and butter- everything you would want to avoid as a vegan.

This breakfast order contains 230-350 calories, 3 grams of protein, zero cholesterol, and only 260 grams of sodium. Therefore, it does not mess with your balanced diet routine.

The only thing you need to watch with these sticks is the amount of added sugar, as each stick contains approximately 2.5-3 grams of sugar.


Some other vegan options at Burger King for breakfast include:

  • Oatmeal cooked with water, and a topping of maple syrup
  • Orange Juice
  • Iced coffee; black, with no cream or milk
  • Hot filtered black coffee


Vegan Snack, Lunch & Dinner Options at Burger King

When you crave a decadent meal during your office break or want to get some veganly delicious food on a Saturday night, try these vegetarian options at Burger King.

1. Impossible Whopper

This vegan patty called the Impossible Whopper is entirely plant-based and popular among Burger King’s vegetarian options.

The best part is that the patty tastes like meat containing heme iron from a fermented yeast extract. Moreover, it contains soy, potato protein, sunflower, and coconut oils to make this impossible whopper possibly nutrient rich.

With only 630 calories and 58 grams of carbs, this Impossible Whopper is high in protein, fiber, and sodium. To make it extra healthy, it is topped with lettuce, onions, tomatoes, pickles, ketchup, and mayo.

Mayo adds cholesterol to the Whopper. If you want your meal to be entirely cholesterol-free, skip the mayo.

Also, this vegan option at Burger King is high in sodium- 1080 grams, so it should not be on your everyday food list because high sodium intake makes your body easy prey to heart problems.

2. Classic Fries

Who does not love fries?

Especially if they are healthy and vegan.

With only 385 calories per serving and zero cholesterol, the classic fries at Burger King is every foodie’s dream come true. Fried to a crisp golden texture in vegetable oil, with a vegan dip, mustard, or ketchup makes it one of the most ordered vegetarian options at Burger King.

However, classic fries are not the main course option. To eat a balanced meal, better pair it up with any other Burger King vegan option.

3. Garden Salad

Omit the cheese, and the tasteful green salad in the vegan options at Burger King offers a perfect vegan side for the meal of your choice.

The salad contains 322 calories, 5 grams of protein, and only 340 mg of sodium. It can be a great sideline, snack, or even lunch if you do not have a big appetite. With no cheese, the salad has zero cholesterol.

Avoid croutons and cheese to stay vegan and healthy.

Some other vegan meal options include:

  • The Impossible Southwest Bacon Whopper with no cheese and other modifications
  • Mott’s applesauce (more of a sideline)
  • The Impossible King with no cheese
  • Vegan-friendly onion rings

Some vegan-friendly dips and sauces at Burger King to make your food more interesting:

  • BBQ sauce
  • Italian salad dressing
  • Applesauce
  • Sweet and sour sauce


Vegan Dessert Options at Burger King

Who does not carve for something sweet once in a while?

You can go all vegan you want, watch your weight, yet enjoy some heavenly desserts at Burger King to curb your cravings.

1. PB&J Jamwich

Include this Burger King’s vegetarian option in your breakfast, or have it as a dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth. PB&J is loved by all kids and adults alike.

With 350 calories, this Jamwich offers a bursting flavor of peanut butter and a decadent grape jelly- free of crust.

2. Dutch Apple Pie

Did you know that just like the French toast sticks, the Dutch apple pie at Burger King is vegan?

If not, you need to grab it now.

Made up of soy and wheat, this vegetarian option at Burger King completes the meal with a sweet touch!

Vegan Beverages at Burger King

Well, it may sound odd to have a vegan drink. However, you must be mindful of your beverages on a meat-free, dairy-free diet.

Some options for vegan-friendly beverages at Burger King are:

  • Hot and filtered black coffees
  • Iced black coffee
  • Orange juice
  • Diet sodas
  • Water


Go Vegan, Or Go Home!

The vegan options at Burger King encourage a healthy and plant-based lifestyle. Start your day with the French toast sticks or hash browns in the morning and get yourself an Impossible Whopper in the evening- a perfectly balanced meal. If you have a big appetite, go for the green salad or a side of fries- just mid your calories and sodium intake.

The vegetarian options at Burger King- your favorite food giant- bring health, happiness, and taste to your plant-based diets.