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Senior Citizens Hospital is the only specialty hospital in the country providing world-class treatments and evidence-based protocols across a broad range of medical specialties only for Elderly patients introducing space age technology, such as

  • Robotic Rehabilitation,
  • Biofeedback therapy,
  • Virtual reality (VR) based treatment,
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) based health assessment & treatment protocols.


☎ +8801760654890 , ☎ +8801724972681
Address: House No #8, Road No #8, Block #J, Baridhara, Dhaka

Prof. Dr. Samnun F. Taha

Diploma in Geriatric Medicine (Royal College of Physicians, LONDON)
Geriatric Medicine Specialist
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Dr. Md. Nadim Kamal

Consultant Physiatrist

Dr. Tahsina Faruq

Medical Officer

Dr. Zubair Islam

Medical Officer, Senior Citizens Hospital


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