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Dr. Sahadeb Kumar Das

MBBS, MCPS, MS (Pediatric Surgery)
Assistant Professor
Dept of Pediatric Surgery
Khulna Medical College
BMDC REG: A42389

Chamber Name & Address:
Fatima Hospital & Diagnostic Centre.
302, Khanjahan Ali Road, Royel More, Khulna
Visiting hours: 5 pm to 9 pm
Friday closed
Appointment Number: 01909-141532


Dr. Mizanur Rahman

MBBS, MS (Child Surgery)
Associate Professor
Department: Pediatrics
Khulna Medical College Hospital

Chamber Name & Address: Unique Diagnostic Center, Khulna.
41/1, Khan Jahan Ali Rd, Khulna, Bangladesh.
Appointment Number (For Serial): +880 1719-124340, +88001774756557


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