Nutritionist Nishat Sharmin Nishi

Nutritionist Nishat Sharmin Nishi

Qualification: Msc (Food Nutrition) DU, MPH, CCD (DIU), CDT (DCC)
Specialized in obesity Management (India)
Special Training on Clinical Dietetics (BIRDEM)
Chief Dietician and Head of Dietetics Department at Popular Medical College Hospital


Chamber: Popular Medical College Hospital

Address: House#8, Road#2, Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1205
Hotline: +8809613787800, +880966687800

Appointment Mobile Number: +8801911729071

Treatment Area:

Nutritional deficiencies, Weight loss, weight gain, counseling refused to take food, diet for kidney and diabetes patients, liver and gallbladder problem, cancer, thyroidism, pregnancy and lactation with children diet.

About Dietitian

Nishat Sharmin Nishi has completed her Bsc and MSc from food and nutrition (DU). She has also MPH degree (DIU) along with different nutrition related courses. She has completed CCD,CDT and special training on clinical Dietetics from BIRDEM general hospital. She is expert in Obesity management (India).

Experiences at different Hospital

– Working as chief dietitian and head of dietetics department, popular Medical College Hospital.

– Worked as a Dietician at BRB Hospital 

– Worked as a Dietician at Popular Medical College Hospital from April 2016 to January 2020.

– Attain as guest facilitator at workshop entitled ” Assessment of nutritional status: A hands-on Approach” at Daffodil International University, Dhaka.

– Attain as a guest dietitian and nutritionist at “Health care and sanitation project” at maniknagar  with collaboration of Popular Medical College Hospital and Casper Foundation.

– Worked as a Dietician (honorary) at BIRDEM General Hospital January 2015 –July 2015 Shahbag, Dhaka.

– Worked as a Diet Counselor at Diet Counseling Centre from May to June 2015.

– Worked as a Nutrition and Diet Counselor at Daffodil Diet Counseling Centre from May 2013 to May 2014.  

– Worked with Bangladesh Breast-feeding Foundation.

– Worked as a dietitian (internship) in Shahid suhrawardy hospital, Dhaka

Professional Training, Workshop & Related Course

• Certificate course on” Clinical nutrition and Dietetics ” at Diet counselling centre
• Training on ‘Management and Prevention of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) in Bangladesh
Organization: Bangladesh University of Health Science (BUHS), Mirpur-01, Dhaka.
• International Workshop on ‘Research Idea Development’ 
Organization: Daffodil International University (Dhaka) & University of South Carolina (USA)
• Workshop on ‘Obesity Management
• Introductory course on ‘Universal Health Converge’
Organization: Jemes P Grant School of Public Health, BRAC University
• Professional Course on “Low Calorie Diet” from Diet Counseling Centre 
• Certificate Course in “Nutrition & Diet Therapy” (CDT) from Diet Counseling Centre
• Certificate Course in ‘Clinical Dietetics`(CCD) from Daffodil International University 

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